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Why trust your biography with the ABI?

Our mission is to provide an authoritative biographical reference collection to the world—one that aptly recognizes the top men and women achievers from every career and academic discipline across the globe.

ABI publications have always been—and always will be—compiled by invitation only. This means we consider you and your credentials to uphold the high quality standards we have ascribed to our publications and our name.

Naturally, it also means we value you and that you are important to us. It means we handle your biography and personal information with confidentiality and care. We respect your privacy and your schedule, only contacting you when and how you ask us to.

It means you can trust the ABI to showcase your achievements with the excellence they justly deserve.

About the ABI

Steeped in tradition since 1967, the American Biographical Institute has pledged to maintain its status as a respected independent source of biographical information on the world’s most accomplished men and women.

Over 40 years ago, the ABI founders identified that a crucial component to global growth is not merely the existence of brilliant, dedicated minds—it is also crucial that others are aware of them. This simple notion of revering others for their accomplishments has a ripple effect on our local and international communities.

When we recognize you for your efforts and your achievements, you indirectly teach, inspire and mentor others to succeed. In this way, when we recognize you for your past accomplishments, we make an investment in the future.

The Editorial Process

American Biographical Institute reference directories are researched, compiled and edited with the expertise and quality one would expect from a staff with over 100 years of combined publishing experience.

Although we have certainly grown with the times, it is important that we maintain the tried and true traditions that create a top-notch publication. This includes a two-proof editorial process that, although more time-consuming than perhaps other publishers, ensures the most precise and up-to-date content. We rely on the most appropriate sources—those included—to provide us with the information necessary to create an accurate and complete directory.

Your biography will be handled with superior service, respect and attention to detail. You are sure to relish the experience of working with us as your personal publisher and watching your accomplishments gain the documented relevance they deserve. If you have received a nomination to appear in one of our publications, please complete the form you received in the mail, or feel free to click on Contact Us for the specific book you were nominated for.

    Why Was I Nominated?

    If you have been nominated to appear in an ABI reference volume, congratulations! This is a testament to your hard work and accomplishments. It means someone—either an individual colleague who you may know, or the ABI’s Governing Board of Editors—has taken note of your achievements and feels you deserve to be recognized.
    To learn more, please read about our Selection Method. Nomination does not necessarily mean inclusion—we still must receive your completed biographical questionnaire to ensure that your most current and complete information will appear in the book.
    If you have received a nomination, it is very important that we receive your biographical details for further evaluation as soon as possible. Please complete the form you received in the mail, or feel free to click on Contact Us for the specific book you were nominated for.

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